O’toge: A Rebellion Or Revolution? By Ishowo Oluwatosin

The revision of history embarked on by the supporters of the governor on the media space has questioned the idea behind O’toge. The present problem facing the party is that the set of rebels who allegedly metamorphosed to revolutionists didn’t know one another well, that is a great disadvantage to them as it gave presage to different dreams. Historians who are making efforts to judge the events of the O’toge revolution in the name of rational logic can’t comprehend them, since it was not such logic that dictated the revolution.

Any group that houses questionable elements within their structure has set foot on the path of self-destruction. Rebels like Akogun Oyedepo and Hon. Bolarinwa’s greatest mistake was their self-deception on the personality of Abdulrahman, by extension – Gbemisola Saraki and Lai Mohammed. Seems they were ignorant of the fact that it is only when a person is seeking power that he is an object, once he sits on the throne, he becomes a subject. Isn’t it wrong to assume that a King doesn’t know he walks a dangerous path with his life on the line and his only means of survival is his ego and power? Abdurahman was too underrated and it is interesting to see he is teaching them that if you learn without thinking, you are bound to fall into ruins.

The way the affairs of APC as a party has been managed immediately the administration of AA kickstarted has indicated that the historical defeat of the Saraki dynasty was not made possible through revolution but rebellion. It is agreeable that those who led rebellion and revolution are sometimes confused as they tend not to understand what birthed their action, hence, they easily pick a term. The success of a revolution after successful seizing of power depends largely on how well the ideology that was fought against has been exiled, these failures have reduced O’toge to a mere rebellion as no one truly understands what revolution means within the folds of that party.

The fight has not come to an end, it is a series that will come in sequence, it will be so interesting and intriguing to watch. However, each side needs to be sincere to their conscience, what we will see in coming days is an outright declaration of war. It is just now that they realized Abdulrazaq didn’t win the primary? I mean that is very insulting to a revolution. No matter how brilliant we are, we all need an element of luck to succeed in politics.

However, luck is like a Ludo game, it all boils down to your smartness to manage the figures you are getting effectively as the dice is not loyal to those rolling it.

O’toge needs redefinition in the absence of the painted oppressor. The political landscape and arena clearly show every indication that the opposition party is in recess or have convinced themselves to desert the political scene. Hence, the stage belongs largely to the ruling party. The ruling party has been its opposition than any other political party in the state.

Public sentiment is like a field of reeds, you never know how it will change when the wind blows. 2023 has promised to be interesting at both the national and state level. What is happening in Kwara is only a mini-display of what is to come at the national level.

When the old Joseon dynasty of Korea was founded, a Confucius scholar named Sambong was the designer of the system the newly founded country was to operate on. As beautiful as his plan was, due to the misbehaviour of the old Goryeo kings and fear for a repeat of such, he wanted a country that will be operated by a prime minister but the king and the royal family are kept in the most comfortable prison, which is the throne.

Was this the kind of revolution the likes of Oyedepo envisaged? Where Abdulrazaq is kept in the most comfortable prison?
The present contradictions require a proper clarification of O’toge. Even though once a name is attached to a historical event, even if the nature of event changes, it will often stick but those involved in this course of history are still alive. Hence, we are asking them, was it a revolution or rebellion?

The deception from both sides will pollute the lessons of history for coming generations. What is their fight about exactly, is it the hegemony of the party or state of governance? How did these people disintegrate even before their victory clocks two years?

In the end, regardless of who wins or loses, the only thing that lasts forever is trouble and what has been successfully changed is Kwaran elites, not a radical change in politics or governance.

ISHOWO, Isiaq Oluwatosin
Gmail: [email protected]
Twitter: @Tosinishowo

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