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Lagos Landlord Creates Website To Help Landlords Avoid ‘Bad Tenants’

A landlord in Lagos State, JP Attueyi, has created a website to help all landlords in Nigeria identify and avoid “bad tenants.”

The website is set up to allow landlords and property managers report “bad tenants” so they can compare notes to avoid those kind of tenants.

The creator noted that weeding out bad tenants before renting to them is a major problem faced by many landlords.

According to Attueyi, he once had a case of a tenant who owed him rent and moved to another house where the landlord was oblivious of what had happened in his (tenant) previous house.

He also noted the case of another tenant that left his shop in a mess and went on to rent his brother’s property.

Attueyi stated that such cases could have been avoided if there was a means of information sharing among landlords.

“As a landlord, one of the biggest problems I see is weeding out bad tenants before renting to them,” the website creator said.

“I have rented to tenants who later owed 6 months rent, then move out and move to another landlord’s house and the new landlord is oblivious.

“I once had a tenant that rented from me, when she moved out he left my shop in a mess and move to my brother’s property.

“My brother had no idea he was renting to a perpetual bad tenant. 3 months later that I found out about his new tenant. This is happening because we are not sharing information.”

He added that landlords’ risk can be minimised when they have the means to identify a “bad tenant.”

Visit the website here.

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